The programme is an interdisciplinary discipline. The programme aims to produce graduates who will utilise state-of-the art knowledge and techniques in synthesis, design, maintenance, service, sales and marketing of petrochemical engineering related systems and product. The programme provides varieties of research fields guided by experts in research area of nanocomposites and advance material development and manufacturing, microbial fuel cell and biorector design, metabolic modeling, system biology, fertilizer development, CO2 gas adsorption, waste water treatment, rare earth studies, air quality management, environment impacts assessment, renewable energy development and etc. It provides strong training in research and development for the advancement of knowledge and cutting-edge technology. This course emphasise on instilling technical, managerial and ethical leadership roles with commanding oral and written skills into the students. In addition, students are also exposed to some basic elements of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Internet-of-Things (IoT) which are expected to be dominant in Petrochemical Industry in the near future. The curriculum structure of Petrochemical Engineering is as follows: YEAR 1 – Some introductory and basic courses to Petrochemical Engineering are taught: Engineering Mathematics, Mass and Energy Balance, Organic Chemistry and Thermodynamics. YEAR 2 – The core and fundamental subjects of Petrochemical Engineering are covered such as Unit Operation, Heat and Mass Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Process Control and Instrumentation. YEAR 3 – In-depth coverage of advanced subjects in Petrochemical Engineering: Petrochemical Processes, Plant Design, Process Optimization and Simulation. In addition, students are offered to choose a technical elective subject according to their interest of study. Students will go for industrial training for 10 weeks. YEAR 4 – In final year, students are required to integrate and apply petrochemical engineering knowledge that they have learned in the past three years in some projects: Capstone Project (Integrated Plant Design) and Final Year Project (Research Project).

Program Mode: Full time
Duration: 4 years/12 trimesters
Language: English

-Green Technology in Petrochemical Processes
-Advanced Materials

Dr. Mathialagan Muniyadi
Head of Department of Petrochemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Perak Campus)
Jalan Universiti, Bandar Barat, 31900 Kampar, Perak.
Tel :05-468 8888  ; ext: 4551
Email : mathialagan@utar.edu.my