Final Year Project (FYP)
All final year students from UTAR FEGT are required to undertake a course named Final Year Project (FYP) which will last for two (2) long trimesters. As this course is design and/or research based, students are required to perform research, and/or development work on the selected field or topic, especially on real-world problems. Such a study would motivate students to produce practical solution and provide them with the opportunity to use tools and techniques for construction and engineering problem solving. Learning from experience is the best learning process, especially for applied science or engineering related studies and this course uses such approaches. On the other hand, the students will also acquire skills on project management.

Working under the guidance of supervisor(s) would help shape the direction of the student’s near future career development. It would also provide students with better team work and inculcate with development of professional relationship which would benefits them in future employment.