Master of Engineering (Electronic Systems)


The Master of Engineering (Electronic Systems) programme aims to cater for:
1. The candidates from the industry who are keen in continuous learning and advanced their knowledge in the field of electronic engineering to deal with complex engineering problems.
2. Fresh graduates who wish to obtain an in-depth knowledge and capabilities in the field of electronic engineering, thereby having better career prospects in electronic engineering.

Programme Objectives:

This programme enriches the students’ knowledge and experience in advanced electronics engineering through the following programme objectives:
1. The graduates will be engaged in high technology research and development for the advancement of knowledge and solving problems.
2. The graduates will utilise state-of-art knowledge and complex problem solving capabilities in their advanced careers.
3. The graduates will be assuming technical, managerial and ethical leadership roles with commanding oral and written communication skills.
4. The graduates will be involved in the affairs of professional institutions and keep abreast of the nation’s needs and developments, and provide services to the engineering communities and the nation.

Programme Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:
1. Demonstrate continuing and advanced knowledge through broadly based multi-disciplinary situations in collaboration with industry.
2. Conduct in-depth research to build up the ability to analyse and further develop new ideas and solutions in practice, and enable them to reach senior positions in the industry in their careers.
3. Demonstrate multi-skills capabilities, incorporated with financial and managerial knowledge with an in-depth technical background to spearhead entrepreneurship in industry.
4. Report technical findings in both written and oral forms in order to contribute to the enrichment of knowledge in the industry.
5. Recognise the needs for continuing pursuing the advanced technical knowledge required for high technology industry.


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