Final Year Project (FYP)
All final year students from UTAR FEGT are required to undertake a course named Final Year Project (FYP) which will last for two (2) long trimesters. As this course is design and/or research based, students are required to perform research, and/or development work on the selected field or topic, especially on real-world problems. Such a study would motivate students to produce practical solution and provide them with the opportunity to use tools and techniques for construction and engineering problem solving. Learning from experience is the best learning process, especially for applied science or engineering related studies and this course uses such approaches. On the other hand, the students will also acquire skills on project management.

Working under the guidance of supervisor(s) would help shape the direction of the student’s near future career development. It would also provide students with better team work and inculcate with development of professional relationship which would benefits them in future employment.

Pre-requisite: Earned the stipulated credit hours as shown in program structure (students who join the programme with credits transfer are not required to fulfill this requirement. This shall be treated as special case. This group of student is required to get respective HoD's approval and verification, then proceed to register the unit via Faculty General Office within the add/drop unit period.)

Project Part I and Part II must be done in two consecutive long (14-week) trimesters. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that he/she registers the subject in two consecutive long trimesters. Failure to register Project Part II in the consecutive long trimester after Part I will be considered as withdrawal. The student will have to repeat the unit (starting from Part I)

Project Part I will be evaluated at the end of the first trimester. However, the final grade will only be given at the following trimester when the students complete their Project Part II. Grade P (In Progress status) will be designated on the transcript when students complete Part I as an indication that this is a continual project. 

A student who does not submit the progress report or does not attend the oral presentation during Project Part I will be considered to have failed and will be given F grade. The student will have to repeat the unit (starting from Part I)

A student who does not submit the final report (comb-bound) or does not attend the oral presentation during Project Part II will be considered to have failed and will be given F grade. The student will have to repeat the unit (starting from Part I)

A student who fails in Project (with less than 50% in the final marks) will have to repeat the unit (starting from Part I)

A student who wishes to drop / withdraw either Project Part I or Part II will have to repeat the unit (starting from Part I).


Please take note that in the case of any discrepancies between announcements and guidelines, the announcements shall prevail. 


It is compulsory for students to follow the Final Year Project Report Guidelines when writing their report. Report that does not follow the guidelines will be rejected. 


Students are encouraged to download the MS Word Template of the Project Report and use this template to prepare the report


Harvard style (not APA) formatting shall be applied for referencing


Students must fill up FYP Indemnity Letter before he/she can use the laboratory facilities for FYP purposes (fill it once).




  1. Project Title (Week 1, Trimester 1) 
    • Submit FYP Proposal Form/ FYP Project Definition Document
  2. Confirmation of Title and Supervisor (Week 1 - 3, Trimester 1) 
    • Submit a copy of signed Title Selection Form   

 3.   Progress Log 

    • FYP Monthly Log/ FYP Meeting Log must be used while meeting with supervisor
    • The log has to be submitted to supervisor at the end of each trimester for grading purpose

   4. FYP I Progress Report Submission (Week 12, Trimester 1) 

    • One Softcopy 
    •  Report should consist of at least: 
      •  Chapter 1: Introduction 
      •  Chapter 2: Literature Review 
      •  Chapter 3: Methodology

   5. FYP I Oral Presentation (Week 13 - 14, Trimester 1) 

    • 20 minutes per slot: 10 minutes for Presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A 
    • Presentation slide (in formats of PowerPoint Slide or PowerPoint Show) 
    • Printed copy of presentation slide is NOT NECESSARY 
    • Demonstration of project with proper attire

   6. FYP II Progress Report Submission (Optional, Trimester 2) 

    • One softcopy 
    • Report should consist of:
      • Chapter 1: Introduction
      • Chapter 2: Literature Review
      • Chapter 3: Methodology
      • Chapter 4: Results and Discussion
      • Chapter 5: Conclusion
    • Supervisor will comment on the methodology and results

   7. FYP Final Report Submission (Week 12, Trimester 2) 

    • Final Reports (front cover with name and title of project, abstract and all the chapters ONLY) are to be uploaded to Turnitin. Please refer to respective supervisors for details.

   8. FYP Final Oral Presentation (Week 13 - 14, Trimester 2) 

    • 30 minutes per slot: 20 minutes for Powerpoint Presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A 
    • Presentation slide (in formats of Powerpoint Slide or Powerpoint Show) 
    • Printed copy of presentation slide is NOT NECESSARY 
    • Demonstration of project with proper attire 

  9. Final Submission for Graduation (latest by Week 16, Trimester 2) 

    • Please complete FYP Submission Form and FYP Document Submission Checklist to verify that you have prepared all the necessary documents for submission.
    • One (1) copy of HARDCOVER-BOUND dissertation  
      • It is compulsory for students to submit the FYP hardbound dissertation by themselves. 
      • Please remember to sign the dissertation before submission 
      • The dissertation to be submitted must be the final version after marked and graded by the supervisors and examiners and have been corrected by the students. 
    • One (1) copy of  Turnitin Originality Report (Example)
    • One (1) copy of  Turnitin Report 
    • One (1) soft copy of dissertation and send to FYP Coordinators/Person-in-Charge 

  10. Reimbursement Requisition Procedures

    • Make a copy of all the documents (especially the receipts / bills) for own backup purposes! 
    • All the receipts/bills must be original and clear. Provide the item price in RM (Ringgit Malaysia). 
    • You are only allowed to claim for the items (stated in the receipt) used in your FYP project. Highlight them. 
    • You are only allowed to reimburse the same total amount that you have paid for. State clearly the discount has been offered (if any) clearly, in the Purchase Request form. 
    • Prepare the hardcopies of Reimbursement Memo and Purchase Request Form together with the original and photocopy of the receipts. 
    • All hardcopies must be verified and signed by supervisor. Just need to get the signature from supervisor ONLY. 
    • Please ensure that you complete and submit all the necessary documents to avoid any delay in processing your claims. 
    • Payment will be made to the account number specified in student's UTAR Portal. 
    • For more details, please refer to the FYP Reimbursement Requisition Procedure.

FYP Poster Competition January / May Trimester 2022