Master of Engineering (Electronic Systems)


The Master of Engineering (Electronic Systems) programme aims to cater for:
1. The candidates from the industry who are keen in continuous learning and advanced their knowledge in the field of electronic engineering to deal with complex engineering problems.
2. Fresh graduates who wish to obtain an in-depth knowledge and capabilities in the field of electronic engineering, thereby having better career prospects in electronic engineering....More

UTAR and OTH Regensburg Master Degree

Student can enroll in UTAR and can get a chance to study in OTH Regensburg Germany, Under UTAR-OTH Dual Degree Programme     

Thanks to the great cooperation between Infineon Technologies and UTAR, I was able to successfully complete my master's thesis at the company's site in Kulim. The idea to write the master thesis at a company was my own wish and was directly supported by UTAR. While studying in the Master of Engineering Electronic Systems program, I was allowed to choose a final project. The project was to develop a chatbot with artificial intelligence to improve the overall equipment effectiveness. It was integrated into an internship at the company with a duration of 4.5 months. During the internship, my task was mainly focusing on the development of the chatbot, but I also had the opportunity explore topics outside the scope of the project. For example, I visited the huge clean room factory and got an insight into the daily work of industrial engineers and data scientists. I really enjoyed the great atmosphere in the department. Diversity is highly valued at Infineon. Together we celebrated Deepavali and Christmas while everybody was invited to join and everybody joined even if these festivals are not celebrated in every cultural community. 

Vincent Jeuk 
Student Master of Engineering Electronic Systems, 
2022 UTAR, Kampar Malaysia and OTH Regensberg, 
Germany Through UTAR-OTH  Dual Degree Programme

My studies of Master of Engineering (Electronic Systems) at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) has been a very valuable and significant in terms of both my Academic and Professional Qualifications. The course is very thorough with their syllabus and has helped me to develop various good habits when it comes to research such as discipline, inquisitiveness and focus through the way the courses are taught. The course also offers opportunities to be exposed to an International Community such as through an exchange program to Germany and this allowed me to experience different cultures, mindsets and teaching styles that is very important in this time of globalization. 

Zech Chan

UTAR-OTH Dual Degree Programme student 

I was grateful to be able to join the Master of Engineering (Electronic Systems) programme. I was given a chance to take part in the UTAR-OTH Dual Degree Programme to study in OTH Regensberg, Germany. There, I experienced different education system and culture which definitely helped me in my career. I was given a lot of exposure to prepare myself for the real working world. In addition, the relationship between lecturers and students are excellent in this programme which allow us to share thoughts and experiences.


Chuah Czea Sie

Existing double Master student for Master of Engineering (Electronic Systems)

This is an excellent programme which provided me with the essential tool, knowledge and experience that are definitely valuable in preparing me as a real world engineer. By joining this programme, I am able to extend the skills and knowledge that I have gained during bachelor studies to an in-depth understanding. I was given the opportunities to have more hands-on experiences by completing the assignments and attending the practical classes provided. This helps me to identify my own strength and improve my problem-solving skills.  Last but not least, I was given the chance to perform professional analysis and logical thinking which can be vital for my real working life.

Tan Shin Yinn

Graduated Master student for Master of Engineering (Electronic Systems)

Number of graduates ( Till March 2024 )
81 candidates


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