Master of Environmental Technology


National Green Technology Policy (NGTP) - a driver to accelerate the national economy and promote sustainable development. Fill up the gap in order to facilitate the growth of the green technology industry and enhance Malaysia’s competitiveness in green technology in the global arena. Provide an opportunity to local undergraduates to continue their postgraduate studies in Malaysia and at the same time attract foreign students to do their postgraduate studies here. Based on MQA Programme Standard for Engineering and Engineering Technology (2011)....More

Kathrin Linda Abt Embarking on the journey of studying abroad in Malaysia and pursuing the Master of Environmental Technology at UTAR University has been an incredibly rewarding experience that extended beyond the classroom. The program's comprehensive curriculum delves into crucial aspects of environmental management and technology, equipping me with advanced knowledge in areas such as wastewater treatment, waste management, water resources, and environmental policy. The engaging discussions, hands-on learning experiences and site visits have broadened my perspective on global environmental challenges. I took part in events for international students, which allowed me to connect with students from all over the world. In addition, UTAR offers a wide range of cultural activities such as sports, singing and courses to promote social skills, in which i was once allowed to present my mother tongue German. In short, i can highly recommend the master's programme at UTAR.

Kathrin Linda Abt 

Through my learning experience in UTAR, I deeply feel that UTAR has responsible teachers. They would carefully to help students with their homework tasks, patiently explain the questions raised by students, and actively help students to complete final year thesis writing. The University has an excellent course design and examination system.
After graduation, I have mastered deep knowledge about environmental technology, including "Management and Control of Air pollution", "Management and Control of Solid Waste" and other subjects. These subjects provided professional theoretical guidance for my subsequent examination of public institutions. During learning process, we had been provided the opportunity to present our assignment which not only enabled me to acquire professional knowledge, but also exercised my English-speaking ability and enhanced my confidence. I am very honoured to study in UTAR 

(Graduated 2022, Fan Xiaorui)

I am very happy to meet many interesting classmates and excellent teachers in UTAR. It is UTAR that gives me a plan and plan in life and a vision for the future. Through a series of studies, I hope to make full use of my knowledge to make contributions to the society in the future. 

Yang LeGraduates 2022

"Comprehensive and quality program with experienced teaching staffs."  

Voon Kah Loon (Graduate 2020)

“ UTAR has provided great learning experience, pushed beyond my comfort zone and opened up ways for real world solutions. It’s a place of never-ending challenges and move forward in improvising. UTAR is a place for upcoming expertise”

Paveethira a/p Suppiah (Graduate 2019)

“ I am blessed to able to attend this master program. Throughout the year, I learn a lot about the green technology as well as aware about global climate change issues. This program is not barely the material things, but the things of the ethics and virtues”

Chew Kai Chin

Number of graduates ( Till March 2024 )

81 candidates


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